Your child will sign our CAN contract, agreeing to refrain from using illegal and illicit drugs.

Kids make positive choices and are rewarded with exclusive social events, business discounts, and more!

We expect you to support and encourage your kids.

Member Benefits

Elementary School

  • Movie Parties

  • 100% Lunch Parties for Classrooms

  • 100% School – Movie Theater Parties

  • Elementary Fun Night at the Rec

  • Contests (Good Sportsmanship & Invent Your Future T.C.)

  • Business Discounts

  • Role Model Trading Cards

Middle School

  • Leadership Training

  • Free Monthly Social Events

  • Business Discounts

CMS Activity Form

High School

  • LEAP

  • Business Discounts

  • Role Model Trading Cards

  • Sports and Activities Photos

Get Your Child Involved


Trading Card Program

Role Models That Fit in Your Pocket

One of CAN’s most successful projects, the Trading Card program showcases good decisions and even better students. Under this program, CAN develops professional quality trading cards of highly successful high school students who recognize the connection between their success and the positive lifestyle choices they’ve made along the way.

These trading cards are earned and eagerly collected by elementary students who have various opportunities to meet their role models in person.

The Trading Card program benefits both older and younger students. Older students want to be featured on the cards and work hard to be recognized as a good role model. Once featured, the high school “starts” realize they have fans who look up to them, encouraging them to continue making good choices. The younger students are empowered by the Trading Card program because they realize that the people they look up to were once kids just like them. CAN role models are people they personally meet, genuinely learn from, and someday grow up to be.

How to Become a Trading Card Role Model

  • Be a junior or senior at Cody High School

  • Complete a Trading Card Application

    • Signed pledge that you have never consumed illicit/illegal drugs or alcohol
    • Teacher recommendation
    • Coach or sponsor recommendation
    • Bullying sign-off from the guidance office
    • Community service resume

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