Our Mission

Marijuana Use According to the Wyoming Prevention Needs Assessment


Proven Results

Maximizing the Future

Over the past twenty years, CAN has successfully helped facilitate a paradigm shift within the Cody community. Where 1997 reports showed Cody students using drugs at alarming rates, reports and data compiled today show these numbers reduced by more than 50%. CAN’s success at dramatically reducing drug-abuse rates within the community can also be contributed to their expansive scope in programs designed to positively impact all students and promote leadership skills.

Building Blocks


CAN’s mission is to support students who promise to be drug-free. It is important to identify members who violate their promise, both to maintain the integrity of the program and to avoid rewarding unhealthy behavior.


Students understand each other better than adults ever could. CAN succeeds because it is run by a diverse group of high school students who are aware of the specific needs and issues affecting their fellow students, and who are interested in improving school culture.


Support for positive choices must extend beyond school walls. CAN partners with community businesses and local organizations to let students know that their decision to be drug-free is acknowledged and valued by people in the community and all around them.


CAN is based on a simple principle: rewarding good choices encourages more good choices. By providing unique rewards in exchange for a pledge to be drug-free, CAN demonstrates the real-life benefits of making positive choices!

Trading Card Program

Role Models That Fit in Your Pocket

One of CAN’s most successful projects, the Trading Card program showcases good decisions and even better students. Under this program, CAN develops professional quality trading cards of highly successful high school students who recognize the connection between their success and the positive lifestyle choices they’ve made along the way.

These trading cards are earned and eagerly collected by elementary students who have various opportunities to meet their role models in person.

The Trading Card program benefits both older and younger students. Older students want to be featured on the cards and work hard to be recognized as a good role model. Once featured, the high school “starts” realize they have fans who look up to them, encouraging them to continue making good choices. The younger students are empowered by the Trading Card program because they realize that the people they look up to were once kids just like them. CAN role models are people they personally meet, genuinely learn from, and someday grow up to be.

How to Become a Trading Card Role Model

  • Be a junior or senior at Cody High School

  • Complete a Trading Card Application

    • Signed pledge that you have never consumed illicit/illegal drugs or alcohol
    • Teacher recommendation
    • Coach or sponsor recommendation
    • Bullying sign-off from the guidance office
    • Community service resume

You Make A Difference

Your support allows CAN to continue to thrive, grow, and innovate. 


Our History

“Cody CAN gave me a support system to rely on as I worked to achieve my goals. It provided me friends, mentors, and leaders.”

Katie Shippen

“I have a deep desire to empower, educate, and heal the general population, and my story cannot be told without the impact that CAN and Pure Performance have had on my life.”

Quinn Rivera

“CAN was not only beneficial in high school, but has left a positive impact on me as I journey through college today. It gave me the foundation and motivation to be able to make wise decisions and healthy choices for myself even as I go off on my own.”

Lindsay Rockvam

“Cody CAN provided me with an additional set of standards to live by. Remaining drug-free allowed me to focus and obtain my goals.”

Craig Calkins

“CAN brings together a unique group of students with the same goal of living a drug-free life and making positive choices.”

Samantha Slight